Prop Dollar Money Inc. offers the Best quality prop blank middle money stacks  and bands for your upcoming production or media adverts. From distressed and aged prop money to new style packages and more, we have blank filler prop money available in all denominations to ensure a cinematically-realistic appearance. Best of all, our bills are printed with the highest quality ink and cut with precision using high-end equipment – because your production deserves nothing less than the best.

These prop money stacks have 1 single-sided color top print and 1 single-sided color bottom print for the top and bottom bills of each stack. The middle of the stack is filled with blank money paper in between the prop stack. These props are ideal for portraying a large quantity of money, in which the middle of the stack will not be shown during production.

Order blank middle money stacks from Prop Dollar Money, the media’s #1 choice for production prop money, and trusted by the film industry professionals worldwide. Browse our selection below to get started!

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